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  1. ALL players must wear neck guards
  2. All USA Hockey rules shall apply, except where noted. Tournament Director reserves the right to  modify & apply any rule/ruling for the betterment of the tournament and its participants.
  3. Absolutely no fighting, taunting or abusive language will be tolerated from players, team officials,  parents or fans during the games or at The Rinks.  Players & team officials will be assessed penalties in accordance with USA Hockey’s ZERO TOLERANCE philosophy. Spectators guilty  of the above will be asked to leave the facility.  
  4. PENALTIES : *Mites: 1 minute *Squirts/Girls : 1.5 minutes *PW/Bantam/ Midget/: 2 minutes
  5. PERIODS: Mite/Squirt/PW/Bantam/ Girls: [3] 12 minute periods   Midgets: [3] 15 periods
  6. Any player or team official assessed a Fighting Major/Game Misconduct penalty will be suspended  for the remainder of the tournament. These suspensions shall be reported to the USA Hockey  District & the home league of the player or team official. NO EXCEPTIONS! 
  7.  In the event that a team damages or destroys a locker room, a ten (10) Minute Major penalty  will be assessed to the respective team for their next game. This means that the violating team will  skate four (4) on five (5) for the first ten (10) minutes of the next game that they play (includes Semi’s  & Finals). There will be NO warnings!  
  8.  Only team players & a maximum of three (3) team officials will be permitted in  the player’s bench and score box area.  
  9. No protests will be accepted. All decisions made by on-ice officials are final.  
  10. The Tournament and The Rinks at Shelton are  not responsible for any injury to players or team personnel. 
  11. Teams must be ready to play 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time.  
  12.  A team that forfeits a game for any reason will receive a 1-0 loss.  
  13. Participating teams & players automatically forfeit their photographic & publicity rights.  




  1. Tournaments of 8 or more teams will be split into 2 divisions 
  2. Teams may play outside their division during ROUND-ROBIN  play
  3. Top 2 teams for each division will play in semi-finals to determine finals 
  4. Teams are awarded two (2) points for a win & one (1) point for a tie. No points are awarded for a loss.  Standings are based on wins, losses & ties. Advancement to the Crossover round is based solely on points  for victories & ties. In the case of two (2) or more teams being tied in the standings, these tie-breaker  rules will be applied in the following order:  
    1. Head to Head (If multiple teams are tied & they have not all played each other, the head-to-head  tie-breaker cannot be applied, move to #b)  
    2. Most Wins  
    3. Goal Differential– number of goals for, minus number of goals against.   
    4. Total number of goals for
    5. Total number of goals against 
    6. Coin toss
  5. 5. In the event that three or more teams are tied, and one or more of the teams are eliminated as a result  of any tie-breaker, the tie between the remaining teams shall be broken by following the procedure  beginning with  [a] , and if necessary [b]  through [f]. Simply put, each time a team is eliminated the  remaining teams will “take it from the top.”  
  6. 6. It is the responsibility of the team manager &/or the head coach to verify the tie-breaking results with  the Tournament Officials.  


If a tie exists after regulation time, a five (5) minute three on three (3 V 3) sudden death overtime  period will be played (same penalty rules apply as in regulation play). Teams will switch ends for the  overtime period. Manpower during OT will be adjusted to reflect the situation of the game, but at no  time will a team have fewer than three (3) players on the ice. 

If a team enters the OT on a power play,  manpower would be adjusted from 5 on 4 in regulation play to 4 on 3 for the OT. If a minor penalty is  assessed during OT, the teams will play 4 on 3. If a 2nd penalty is assessed to the same team, the teams  will play 5 on 3. After a penalty has expired, the manpower will be reset back to 3 on 3 at the next  stoppage of play.  

If a tie still exists after the overtime period, the teams will compete in a three (3) man shootout  (Goalies in bench end). Home team is granted the right to pick the order of shooting. Teams must  exhaust their entire roster of skaters before any shooter can be repeated. All players are eligible to  participate in the shootout unless they are serving a ten (10) minute misconduct or have been ejected  from the game for any reason.