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Frequently asked questions about Spring Madness...

1. What days and times are the practices?  Answer:  There are no practices for 2020 Spring Madness.  Spring Clinics will be available for those looking for more ice time in the Spring.

2. What days and times are the games?  Answer: Games are on Saturday or Sunday.  Schedule will be available on 3/28.  We can't schedule until we know how many players or teams we will have participating.  We will know that on March 28th?

3. When does the season start and end?  Answer: We start on 3/28 with our evaluation skate.  Evaluation skate is to determine skill levels of all participants and allow us to choose fair and balanced teams.  We end on or before June 14th. 

4. Can I play on a team with my friends?  Answer:  We do our best to accomodate requests under two conditions.  First, it cannot impact the balance of the league.  We don't allow "stacked" teams.  Second, a parent from each player must send an e-mail to our General Manager at plavoie@sportscenterct.com, confirming the arrangement.   

Any further questions, please e-mail at plavoie@sportscenterct.com.