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We think the D-League at The Rinks at Shelton is great. But what we think doesn’t matter.

So, we asked our toughest customers – our Parents. Here is what they have to say about the D-League:

“The D-league is a great all around experience for the kids. The coaching staff provide top notch instruction in a pressure free, fun environment that helps develop not only the player’s skills, but a love for the game that shows on and off the ice. The practices and game times are realistic for busy families and the kids learn what it takes to be part of a real hockey team...most importantly our son absolutely loves it!”

Scott and Sara Widmoski


“The D-League has offered a terrific opportunity in giving our son a positive and fun start in the game.  The coaches and staff have always been encouraging and helpful.  The skills and practice sessions are very well-staffed, organized, and well-rounded.  Parents are always kept informed of scheduled game times and practices.  Most of all, at his age, we just want our son to enjoy the sport he’s chosen, learn good sportsmanship, look forward to playing, and have fun.  The D-League has been just right for him.”

Dan Shields


“My son is in his 2nd year with the D League, and he loves it.  The coaches are wonderful, and foster an environment of learning and safety.  All players get equal amounts of ice time, and the kids all love playing against each other on the ice, while maintaining their friendships off the ice.”

Christine Koorse


“The coaches are amazing. Their patience and kindness help to make this a great experience for the kids!”

Andrea Becker


“My boys have played in several beginner and advanced leagues in soccer and hockey. I have experience with well and poorly run organizations. By far the D league is the best run program I've been involved with, and has the best quality coaches. The general manager works hard to make sure he meets all the players and parent needs and expectations. Whether your child is starting out or looking to improve his or her skills, the Shelton D-League is the program to be in.”

Luis Moura


“We have been so pleased with the D-league and how Paul Lavoie has run it these past couple years. It's been an excellent experience both physically and socially for our son, Teddy who is now a Squirt in the program. We are happy with how Teddy is learning the fundamentals of hockey from the qualified and caring coaches. More importantly, Teddy is learning how to be a good teammate. We are confident that if and when Teddy chooses to join a travel team, he will be ready.

Another great part of the D-league is that it provides opportunities for developing hockey skills across the board. My oldest son Andrew is a Bantam on a travel team. The D-league provides opportunities for him to get involved by becoming a referee. After taking a training course and passing a test, Andrew will be able to put into practice yet another skill in hockey.

The D-league is such a positive experience in our family life right now. Our youngest daughter Lucy (3 1/2) has just started to skate and we can't wait for her to join the D-league as a mite in a few short years!”

Venessa Eiseman


"My 10-year-old and 8 year old love it, they wish could practice and play every day."

Sandra Coon


“Practices are well run with each group having no more than 5 or 6 players at the most.  More time doing the drill and less time waiting around.  Plenty of coaches to run practice.  Emphasis on teaching the kids the proper technique with personalized attention.  There is always a positive vibe among the coaches.”

Peter Georgiopoulos


“The D-league has had such an impact on my son’s enjoyment of the game and the great skills training that has made him a good solid skater.”

Henry Ahle


"My son's second year at Shelton D/League is off to a flying start-- the coaches, his teammates and the venue all highly supportive and a lot of fun. More quality ice time for the price than any program around."  

John Hannigan


"Coaches at the rinks have the right idea for these kids.  The kids learn how to play hockey and have a lot of fun all the while!"  

Deborah A. Baldyga


“The D-league has been a fantastic experience! This is our first year in the D-league and we have been blown away by the friendliness and communication from Paul Lavoie and the coaching staff.  The practice sessions are coordinated, fundamentals based and keep the kids moving! Most important though is the FUN the league stresses and our that our son is having!  The D league is awesome!”

Mike Lupa


“We are on the ice 3 times a week. Most house leagues programs play once, maybe twice a week if they’re lucky. The Shelton Rinks is a class act.  Paul Lavoie and Greg Maxey are two of the most professional and attentive coaches I have ever met.  Paul heads the D league program and Greg runs the on ice program. I am proud to be part of this great organization!”

Glen Rodrique


“This season our son decided to try a new position as a goalie.  The D League has given him the opportunity to learn a new position with the help of supportive and encouraging coaches and a fantastic group of team mates!  We are looking forward to another exciting season with the D League and of course our sons first win in the net!”

Kim Tarini


“My son has been part of the “D” league since it was started last year and we couldn’t be more pleased with the overall experience. The staff and coaches ensure the kids are continuously learning and developing, while making the overall experience positive, safe and fun. The program is very well run and the communication has been terrific. I would highly recommend the “D” League for any family - whether looking to just get started in hockey or to continue their child’s hockey experience.”

Pete Seidita


We found the D-League to be a great fit for our 13-year-old son – Paul & Evan Lavoie along with the other coaches do an excellent job ensuring that all the teams are balanced evenly, which keep’s the games challenging for the players, and exciting for the parents to watch!  All the coaches that we have had in both Squirts & now Pee-wee/Bantam go above and behind to ensure that the kids are learning the game, getting equal playing time and most of all are having FUN!  The D-League also offers quality practices and has been very generous with the quantity of practices, making it a great value as well.  All-in-all the D-league has been a great experience! 

Willie & Janet Silbert